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IMPACT Tucson: Bullying - Behavior - Bravery

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See it. Hear it. Report it. Be Bold. Speak up. End Bullying now. School Safety Tip Line

Report it! Use the School Safety Tip Line

Bullying ends here. If you see or hear bullying, report it through our Tip Line.

Tucson Unified School District and Justice 4 America have partnered together in IMPACT Tucson, a community-wide movement to explore bullying, behavior and the bravery it takes to make meaningful change that leads to a safe learning environment for all children.

On Saturday, July 30, 2016, we held the first IMPACT Tucson forum with the goals of the forum informing the community about Tucson Unified's efforts to address bullying, to teach students how to behave appropriately (rather than to punish them), and to empower all stakeholders to have courageous conversations about causes and solutions to systemic discipline issues.

Our next IMPACT Tucson forum will be held in April 2017. Check back for more information!

Worthwhile change is never easy.

As Tucson Unified is moving toward more restorative and less punitive disciplinary practices while simultaneously strengthening policies to ensure safe campuses, it is experiencing what other districts have found: Some public resistance and negative media about the safety of its schools and the well-being of its students.

This leaves students, parents, and community members confused about the District's efforts and conflicted about the ongoing change.

IMPACT Tucson, through the Forum and our ongoing efforts, addresses these issues and more.

Other approaches we are taking include revising our Student Code of Conduct and implementing a Bullying Prevention Tip Line.

We're currently accepting feedback on the new Student Code of Conduct. Please take a moment to review it and share your feedback.

Use our Bullying Prevention Tip Line to report any concern you see or hear. Reports will be received by School Safety, elementary and secondary leadership, principals, and, when needed, the district's ombudsperson.