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Gifted and Talented Education

About GATE

TUSD recognizes that gifted students have special educational needs that should be met within the context of educating the whole child through a variety of services and options.

The role of the Gifted Education program is to:

  • Identify the particular abilities and needs of these students.
  • Challenge students functioning at the highest level of ability.
  • Encourage underachieving students who are capable of the highest performance.
  • Promote higher level creative and productive thinking skills throughout the district.
  • Promote creative or productive achievement.

Printable Description of Schools, Programs and Services (in PDF)

Our Schools and Programs

Self-Contained Schools

Self-Contained Services - Students attend full time, five days per week at a school that accommodates the feeder pattern based on the neighborhood school.

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Our Self-Contained Schools

  • Kellond Elementary
  • Lineweaver Elementary
  • Wheeler Elementary
  • White Elementary
  • Roberts-Naylor K-8
  • Doolen Middle School
  • Pistor Middle School
  • Vail Middle School

Dual Language Self-Contained School

Dual Language Self-Contained - Students attend full time, five days per week and instruction is provided in both English and Spanish. District-wide access.
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Our Dual Language Self-Contained Schools

  • Hollinger K-8 - Grades 1-5
  • Pistor Middle School - Grades 6-8
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Cluster Elementary Schools

GATE Cluster Services - Gifted endorsed teachers in grade levels 1st -5th. Identified GATE students are "clustered" in this classroom with both non-GATE identified and GATE identified students.

Our Cluster Elementary Schools

  • Dunham Elementary
  • Fruchthendler Elementary
  • Robins K-8

Tully Elementary Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted & Talented Magnet Program - Open access -wide gifted magnet program at Tully Elementary School. All teachers are gifted endorsed. Students receive gifted instruction in all classrooms.

Pull-Out Grades 1-5 (part-time)

GATE Pull-Out Services are offered in all elementary s district-wide. GATE itinerant teachers are assigned to each elementary .  Pull-out Itinerant GATE services are approximately 90 minutes per week and provides enriched instruction in small-group settings.

Resource Middle and High School Services

Resource Middle , Grades 6-8
GATE Resource services are available in all middle s (Exception – Safford K-8 which offers the IB program). GATE instruction is provided in core enrichment or content area classes. The service model may vary depending on model.

Resource High , Grades 9-10
GATE Resource classes are open access and offered in core content areas. GATE classes are offered at most TUSD High Schools.

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